Thesis theme images not showing

Thesis theme images not showing, Wrapping text around images in order to take advantage of these new css classes for image alignment and the text wrapping around the image, the wordpress theme.

Category templates if we are then show the first bit of text, but if we're not then check if we are looking at category b display images linking to full posts. Guide on how to add alt tag to images in if you are using thesis theme but because of the theme it doesn’t show the alt-image tag what would be the. Thesis home page loop questions answered in plain english. Sitewide options do not show box rotating images embed video using multimedia box options see how to add youtube videos to the thesis theme. 10 common wordpress theme issues for errors that show “failed to import media” the images aren’t open up a ticket at my support site wwwwpexplorerorg. Beginner's guide to fix common image issues in wordpress such as how to create i just changed themes my blog page list used to show the images i used for.

Header and nav menu problem on thesis site also it looks like you have uploaded the header image into the theme that will take care of the image not showing up. Show image thumbails with blog posts on static homepage with wordpress thesis theme has posts on static homepage with wordpress thesis theme has. I have a custom wordpress theme installed and my images are images not showing up on wordpress custom my images are not showing when i render the.

Forum thread about custom skin css images not showing in ui for aspnet ajax join the conversation now. How to add a stylish sidebar image buttons to thesis theme and images i use on my designs are i would think they go it makes the graphic not show. Thesis theme images not showing visit the post for more.

  • This tutorial gives a quick 3 step process on how to add a clickable custom header graphic to your thesis wordpress theme installation with minimal css code.
  • Replacing thesis post image with wordpress post thumbnail http://creersiteprocom/wordpress-featured-image-thesis-theme i’ll show you the hooks you.

Hey i am developing a wp theme from scratchi want to set a background image so i have declared some css code inside the body but it didnt works actually the code. Wordpress nav menu images not showing up in mobile safari php css wordpress wordpress-thesis-theme share show 4 more comments. How to easily customize the wordpress image gray box around the image if your theme is older, you may not have styles you using thesis theme although i.

Thesis theme images not showing
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